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The Ogden Marathon — Images By Air

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For the third year in a row, I was asked by the GOAL Foundation to document the Ogden Marathon in scenic Ogden, UT. It’s a beautiful race that beings high in the Ogden Valley, follows the Ogden River through beautiful rolling hills and snow-capped peaks, circles the Pineview Reservoir and descends through the winding Ogden Canyon. This year, as was fitting for The Day of Rapture, I photographed the race from a helicopter. Mike from Whirly Bird Helicopters was an excellent pilot, perfectly navigating and positioning the bird.  This bird’s-eye-view gives an excellent feel for the beauty of the course and the vast territory that the runners cover.

Runners gather at the start of the race. The initial course can be seen stretching towards the horizon. © http://www.nicksokoloff.com

The view south. Wisps of smoke can still be seen from the fires keeping the runners warm in the early-morning chill. © http://www.nicksokoloff.com

Runners start the journey, headed north towards the Pineview Reservoir.

Snow-capped mountains and the view north. © http://www.nicksokoloff.com

The course follows the Odgen River, brown from substantial rain and spring run-off. © http://www.nicksokoloff.com

The Ogden Marathon is considered to be one of the most scenic races in the country. © http://www.nicksokoloff.com

Marathon runners have navigated around the reservoir and will shortly begin the decent through Ogden Canyon. They are approximately half-way home. © http://www.nicksokoloff.com

The finish line (bottom, center) located in a still-sleepy downtown Ogden, will soon be active with runners, volunteers, musicians and enthusiastic crowds. © http://www.nicksokoloff.com


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  1. Nice photos and a fun experience! I like your commentary, too.

    Melissa Kelsey

    May 24, 2011 at 11:12 am

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