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Rotarian Magazine: Wings of Angels Foundation.

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I was recently asked by the Rotary International Magazine to document the efforts of rotary club members of Logan, Utah and Douglas, Arizona, whose members work in conjunction with the Wings of Angels Foundation. These groups and foundation, have for the past decade,  built and repaired houses, provided low-cost solar water heaters, and improved emergency medical services for the desperately poor and sick in Agua Prieta, Mexico, a community of 200,000 beset by drug cartels, violence, and grinding poverty. This trip to the border town of Agua Prieta was eye-opening, astonishing and filled with despair and beauty.

The border fence. Holes are visible where people have gone under looking to cross into the USA.

Dottee Watkins, CEO of the Wings of Hope Foundation.

Local boy "Angel" and family with whom the foundation works closely.


Wings of Hope medical clinic, Agua Prieta, Mexico.

Dottee Watkins and friend

Local firefighter, rotarian and advocate, Manny Ayala . Douglas, AZ.


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