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Fashion Photography: La Vie en Rose.

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Doux, doux amour.  Sweet, sweet love.

Nothing more is there than to be fueled by the passion of love.

Whether we live every day inspired by those we love, by the possibility of love, or purely by the existence of love — our accomplishments are made more valuable by love’s satisfaction.

In these dramatic photographs, we are excited to share a vision of love. This collection, inspired by a Parisian elopement, captures the essence of lavish romance.

Deep shades of purples and blues combine with elements of sparkling glamour to create an enchanting and whimsical atmosphere that is simply quintessential for lovebirds.

There are few things more romantic than love in Paris — in this collection, even the orchids appear captivated with the eloping pair…this is la vie en rose.

I am most fortunate and grateful that the uber-talented, Melissa Hagen, of Soiree Productions, signed on to guest-write this week’s blog post.

Production and Styling: Soiree Productions Event Planning Studios

Make-up and Hair: Paula Dahlberg

Flowers: Orchid Dynasty